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Of course! You want to know: How can you fold money?
Then you've come to the right place.

We'll show you how to make fun and beautiful money gifts for a wedding or birthday. It's as easy as Sammydemmy: fold DIY flowers out of money. It's a great way to show you've put a lot of thought and attention to detail. And you can be sure that your surprise will be a success. Because the DIY gift idea looks pretty and the recipient can decide for themselves what the money flowers will be used for.


What can I make out of banknotes, you ask? We have an idea: flowers made of money in a magical folded look, which you can make effortlessly thanks to these instructions.
Just try it out ...

What you need:

  • Leonardo Lantern GIARDINO, 27 cm height
  • 10 € banknotes
  • Roll of thin silver wire
  • approx. 15 cm of a thick, silver cord
  • Tissue paper
  • 3 paper plates in white
  • filigree hot glue gun
  • Tinkering scissors and small, pointed scissors
  • Black felt-tip pen or sharpie

Important: For approx. 12 flowers you need 3 banknotes each.
Or: Alternate flowers and tissue paper.


Step 1:

Place a banknote on the tissue paper. Mark the size and cut rectangles of the same size. Cut missing rectangles - depending on how many notes you are giving away.

Step 2:

Place a banknote in front of you. The long sides point up and down. Fold it lengthwise in the middle. Unfold it again and lay it down so that the folded tip is facing down. Now fold all 4 corners. Fold the top and bottom sides towards the centre. Fold the corners under the tips and smooth them out. Now fold the note over so that the slit is facing up. The first part of the money flower is finished.
Repeat this step three times per flower.

Step 3:

Now wrap three pieces in the middle with wire. Twist the wire ends together. Cut off the wire remnants and drape them into a flower. 

Step 4:

In the same way, make a total of 12 flowers out of money and tissue paper. It's up to you whether you mix banknotes and tissue paper.

Step 5:

Cut an approx. 60 cm long wire three times. Then tie a few flowers to each wire. Tip: Vary the wire lengths. Now wrap money flowers around one of the strings. Fix the next one with a little distance - and so on.
Make sure that there is wire (approx. 10 cm) left at the top.

Step 6:

Cut the fluted edge off the 3 paper plates. Poke 3 small holes in the 1st plate with a small pair of scissors. Pay attention to the spacing. Thread a flower chain through each hole. Leave about 5 cm overhanging at the top. Now twist all the wire ends together.

Step 7:

Draw an oval in the centre of the 2nd paper plate. The handle cord must fit through the hole twice. The loop handle should be about 3 cm high. Cut off the leftover cord at the bottom so that there is still some left over. Now twist the remaining cord apart and fix it flat to the paper plate with the hot glue gun. Now glue the flower plate to the plate with the loop handle from below. Trim the rounded edges of the plate if necessary.

Step 8:

Congratulations to the bride and groom or the birthday boy or girl? The hand-lettered greetings can be placed on the 3rd paper plate. Simply place your written greetings at the bottom of the lantern. Finally, place the lid with the flower chain on the glass.

Et voilà: Lift the lid of the lantern and the flowers dance happily around. We think so: An unusual, beautiful gift packaging for money. And what a great surprise for your loved ones. We hope you enjoy being creative and giving gifts. A different way to give flowers!